Guide for First Weapon

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Guide for First Weapon

Post by marco0210 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:09 pm


First of all, this guide is not complete yet, Any tips or tricks that u know and can be added to this guide, will help further explain some stuff in the game,
As of now I myself am not that far in the game yet, but got some Tips here and there from people.
This guide can always be changed, So come back when ever u feel the need to.

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After you have done the Starter quests u can pick up: Rumours
this requires you to go down the stairs and talk to Buri Frostbeard
After that u can pick up the quest: The Fallen Star
This gives you your starter weapon.
This quest requires you to fly to Dread Wastes
And gather a Meteorite Fragment.

Right click the pillar to get the Meteor Fragment.
Now u can turn in this quest at Buri Frostbeard in Dread Wastes

Once turned in u can pick up the quest called: The Heart of the Star
For this quest u need to go to the South of Dread Wastes.

Here u need to kill Adjunct Sek'ot

And loot the Heart of the Star

Now u need to go back to Buri Frostbeard
and turn in the quest. After u turned in the quest u can pick up a new quest called: Journey's End
For this quest u need to go to Klaxxi'Vess and kill 4 Klaxxi'va members

Talk to their leader so they become Attackable, after u killed them u will get Stardust in your inventory.

Bring this back to Buri Frostbeard and complete the quest.
He gave you a Reforged Meteorite Fragment wich u can use to buy a new weapon.

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Guide for First Weapon

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It really surprises.

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