Game Rules

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Game Rules

Post by Bud » Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:12 pm

This page is dedicated to the rules that should be taken into account when playing on our server.

These rules will change and more rules will be added as the time goes on. It depends on how many unfortunate situations occur on the server. Basically, almost all of the rules mentioned over here have some story or history behind them. Let's break it down:

1. DO NOT use any 3rd party software that changes the game experience in a manner which gives you an unfair advantage compared to other players. This includes hack tools, but also some Addons. (Recount, Bag or Looting addons are of course allowed - the ones that are not allowed are hack addons)

2. RESPECT other players at least as much as you respect yourself. If you do not respect yourself enough and you treat other players bad, then we are sure that a punishment won't bother you as well.

3. DO NOT abuse in-game glitches or bugs. If you find any, please contact a staff member and try not to spread it between other players. You will very likely get rewarded.

4. DO NOT share your username or password with anybody. Doing that is considered as account sharing, which is NOT ALLOWED.

The List of GM rules is a little bit longer:

1. GMs are not allowed to do any favors(Adding items, custom services, teleporting without actual reason etc.) for any players (except summoning when stuck to a safe location).

2. No summoning players to secret locations (E.g.: GM Island).

3. GMs must be helpful and answer tickets while online.

4. No using GM commands on other GMs (E.g.: Kick, Freeze) unless you have permission and a good reason.

5. No editing players under any circumstance (Ex: MP/HP/TP/Skills). The only exception is morph and scale change if requested. The GM is not forced to perform such editing and it is up to GM whether he performs the request or not.

6. NEVER share your account with anyone. This is strictly forbidden. If you are caught doing that, you will face a permanent ban.

7. If you are going on vacation or you have to leave the server for a longer period of time (2+ days), please contact the Admins.

8. You may not show any kind of disrespect towards any players under any circumstances.