Thanksgiving Event

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Thanksgiving Event

Post by Bud » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:15 pm

Thanksgiving event has started and I would like to provide some additional information for you.

There is:
  1. One Boss
  2. Three Daily Quests
  3. Obtainable buffs that can be used while the event lasts

The Boss - McStuffin:

He has been angered that we are eating turkey and he is here to avenge his kind.
Hits that deal less than 65k damage make him laugh, making him stronger and the fight lasts longer.
His companions often spawn around the boss to help him in the fight.

His Loot has 10 upgrades just like last Halloween Event. However, this time you can get the Legendary item even by killing the boss!

Daily quests:

These quests grant event item upgrade materials

Obtainable buffs:

How to get the following buffs is explained by one of the daily quests ;)

The Spirit of Sharing Buff
  • +10% to All Stats
Well Fed Buffs
  • +7500 Spell Power
  • +7500 Attack Power
  • +1500 Hit
  • +1225 Haste
  • +7500 Spirit
  • +12500 Stamina

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