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Connection Guide

Post by Bud » Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:30 pm

Please, make sure you follow every single step of this guide in order to make it possible to connect to our server without serious issues.

We know about existing ready-to-play/background downloader clients, but those cannot be used to play on our server.

METHOD 1 (Recommended):

1. Create an in-game account.

2. Download our Launcher (3.3 MB) and place it in an empty directory. (Make sure you don't use "Desktop", "Downloads" or "Program Files" directories)

3. Use WinRaR or a similar program to extract the contents of the downloaded archive.

4. Run the "Pandarion WoW Launcher". It will ask you to download the game, confirm the choice by pressing "Yes". (Make sure you have enough Disk space)

5. Once the game is downloaded, hit PLAY to start the game.

METHOD 2 (Torrent):

1. Download the game using a Torrent Magnet (You need to install a Torrent client to be able to use the link)

2. Move the downloaded game folder out from the Torrent download directory. (Make sure you don't use "Desktop", "Downloads" or "Program Files" directories)

3. Open the game folder and make sure there are no files called Wow-64.exe, Scan64.dll or similar files with "64" at the end of the file name.

4. Download our Launcher (3.3 MB) and put it inside the freshly downloaded WoW folder after the torrent is finished.

5. Run the "Pandarion WoW Launcher", it will say that the game might be corrupted and needs to download additional data. Confirm that window by pressing "Yes".

6. Let the launcher download the data and once it is done, use the "REALMLIST" function, hit "PLAY" on the launcher and log in.


a) In case the launcher won't start, download .NET Framework 4.5

b) In case the launcher starts but won't let you hit the "PLAY" button, make sure the launcher is not blocked by your firewall.

c) Do not login using your email address. Use your account name only.