Guide for Starters.

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Guide for Starters.

Post by marco0210 » Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:42 pm


First of all, this guide is not complete yet, Any tips or tricks that u know and can be added to this guide, will help further explain some stuff in the game,
As of now I myself am not that far in the game yet, but got some Tips here and there from people.
This guide can always be changed, So come back when ever u feel the need to.

Other usefull Guides



First of all u start at level 1.
Don't u worry, you will one shot the starter mobs either way.
U start in the Mission headquarters where u can talk to a pandaren called: Adventurous Panda

He gives you the quest called: I need your help!
Upon accepting this quest u get teleported to the starting zone.
Deliver this quest back in to the quest giver and choose your weapon.

After u got your weapons, u can accept the new quest called: Test your Weapon
This quest requires you to kill:
Coldarra Spellweaver
Coldarra Wyrmkin

And requires you to pick up 3 Salted Venision.
I recommend picking up all Salted Venision's because u can use them for a daily quest wich gives you a currency to get further.
U will also find Low Qualiy Gear Fragment

Loot all of these because u are going to need 45 of those for other quests, U can also use them to get better armor pieces at the beginning, But that is not realy needed untill u get to the dungeon.

After all that u can turn in your quest and pick up the new quest called: Meet our new Friend
This requires you to go to The Nexus and since u do not have a mount yet, u need to walk there wich is not that far.
U can then turn is this quest at the Quest giver and get pants.

Now u can pick up the quest: Hey. I am sorry...
Wich requires you to loot 20 Low Quality Gear Fragment.
if u do not have this by then, u just need to kill a couple of mobs outside of The Nexus.
after u collected 20 Low Quality Gear Fragments, u can turn in this quest at the quest giver and get a head piece.

Now u can pick up the quest: In need of Mount
This requires you to go to an Outpost to the South East of The Nexus.

Once u are there you can pick up another quest at the quest giver: Adventurous Panda
He gives you the quest: In need of Mount
Wich u can immediatly turn in at Archmage Berinand.
U can do this 3 times for: Reins of the Raven Lord & Mottled Drake & Reins of the Drake of the South WInd

you can also turn in the quest In need of Mount at the Quest giver called:

Archmage Berinand

He will give you another quest called: The Greed
for this quest u need to gather another 25 Low Quality Gear Fragments
if u do not have this yet, go kill some mobs outside the dome untill u have them.
U can then turn in the quest at Archmade Berinand
He will give you a new quest called: The Power of Enemy Raises

This quest requires you to kill 3 "boss" Enemys.
they are all seperated on different platforms, when u kill these mobs they will drop an Epic item, loot this because u need them for your quest.
These are the enemys and their loot:
Inquisitor Caleras

This one drops: Leggings of the Icy Heart

General Cerulean

This one drops: Helm of the Broken Ram

Warbringer Goredrak

This one drops: Girdle of the Howling Berserker

After u looted these 3 items, u can turn this quest in at Archmage Berinand and can chooce a Neck piece.
Now u can accept the quest: Face Malygos!
U can go there by flying or using the teleporter called: World Teleporter

Then u can choose Starter Zone

And click The Eye of Eternity

U will get teleported to the Eye of Eternity.
Walk into the portal and there u will find Malygos
Click the orb in the middle and the boss will come to you.

Kill Malygos, after u killed him Alextrasza comes flying in and spawns 2 lootable crystals for you.

Loot these because u get Fragments for your T1 Set.

Its not a guaranteed chance u get the one for your class.
After u have done that, click the exit portal in between the 2 crystals and turn in the quest at quest giver:
Captain Thottlynn

After completing this quest u will gain an Elixir of Experience

Use this to get to max level instantly.
U can now accept a quest: Your deeds are great!
from the quest giver called: Adventurous Panda
wich requires you to go to Mission Headquarters
to go there, use the World Teleporter again and click Mission Headquarters

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Re: Guide for Starters.

Post by smithjohn77 » Fri Feb 28, 2020 9:30 am

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Guide for Starters

Post by AllenDen » Thu Apr 02, 2020 7:32 pm

Its okay, but when youre making a guide turn off private chat, or atleast dont talk to anyone. Plus better quality would be good.

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